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This Cuetec Cynergy SVB Review will help you understand the necessary features that you should definitely look for while selecting the ideal cue. You should go for a cue that fits your hands and technique, whether you are a beginner experimenting with billiards or a professional pool player.

Cuetec Cynergy SVB Review – Is This the Right Cue for  You?

Are you searching for the best cue in the market? What do you look for when buying the perfect cue? Most of us look at the sleek structure and slip-free aspects and some look for the variations of the different cues models, for instance, the Play Cues, Break Cues and more.

There are so many different models and variations of cues in the market. So how will you choose the best one for yourself and what are the things you should keep in mind while shopping?

Your game technique is the ultimate tool that helps you win any billiard or pool game, while the chosen cue is the second, which means that it holds an equal amount of importance for any pool player.

However, when buying any cue, most of us ignore the main aspects that suit their signature techniques and method of playing which is clearly a huge mistake! So how can we avoid this? Let’s take a look at the Cuetec Cynergy SVB Gen One crafted by Cuetec which is one of their best products yet.

Read on to find out more about this amazing product.

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What Is the Cuetec Cynergy Cue Composed Of?

The SVB Gen One is crafted from carbon fiber which is one of the best materials that can be used for a cue. The structure of this cue has been designed under the supervision of one of the best pool players and a great pool champion Shane Boening. He has personally ensured the manufacturing process and design of this cue according to his balance point and butt diameter preference. This cue is not only created according to his specs but is also used often by the champion himself.

The Shaft Material

Carbon fiber filaments are one of the main raw materials that have been used in the making of the shaft of this cue and offers amazing benefits to the user. This innovative material makes it heat and chemical tolerant, slip-free, moisture free and easy to maintain. Carbon minimizes the risk of deflection, a thing which is one of the main hurdles many professional pool and billiard players face during their game.

The Tip

A Tiger Sniper (soft) tip has been used in this cue. This tip has been crafted by Tiger Products who manufacture their tips using special skins such as pigskin and boar hides. These are some of the best materials that are used in the making of the top cues in the world. The Tiger Sniper (soft) tip used in the Cuetec Cynergy SVB Gen One has been made from boar hide leather through two specialized and thorough methods namely the VACULAM and APP (Advanced Pressurized Process). VACULAM helps eradicate air bubbles and tightens the skin together whereas the APP method is a fairly new procedure that makes the skin adaptable to each player and their strategies.


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Model Variations – Cuetec Cynergy SVB Gen One Review

The Cuetec Cynergy SBV cue comes in the following variations:

  • Four dazzling colors (Pearl White, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Starlight Black)
  • 5 different weight options (18oz, 18.5oz, 19oz, 19.5oz, 20oz and 21oz). Starlight Black is the most popular one and is coated with a mesmerizing glow.
  • The diameter of this cue is 12.5mm and the length is 58 inches.

Features and Benefits – Cuetec SVB Review

Both beginners and professional players can take advantage of the incredible features of the Cuetec Cynergy SVB Gen One cue. This cue is packed with outstanding features that make it one of the best cues in the market. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional-level player, the Cuetec Cynergy SVB Gen One will perfectly fit your hand and your technique. The shaft and the tip material of this cue prevent the build-up of moisture so that the chalk stays there for a longer period of time, which is one of the main features of the Tiger tip.

Another great feature is the slip-free aspect of this cue, due to its’ Irish linen wrap material combined with the Carbon Fiber filaments. This also helps prevent deflections making it perfect for use while practicing or while playing a tournament. The cue comes with cleaning wipes, stainless steel 3D rings, collars and a butt cap built under the supervision of the pool champion Shane Van Boening. 

Poly Carbonate Ferrule & Pro Taper

This specific cue contains a polycarbonate ferrule and a Pro Taper which is very useful for all pool players because it makes for a better grip and is easy on the hands. It is very lightweight thanks to the Carbon Fiber filaments.

High-Quality Material

Another interesting thing that we really liked about this cue was the A+ quality kiln-dried Canadian Maple material which is soft on the hands and makes it durable to use for years to come.

Accurate Shots

The carbon fiber build is the key aspect of this cue which helps you to play the most accurate shot needed to win any game.

Easy to Maintain

This cue is very easy to maintain and doesn’t require much effort due to the carbon fiber’s chemical-tolerance property. It has been used by champions every now and then which proves the high quality and brilliant performance of this cue.

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Cuetec SVB Review Conclusion – Is the Cuetec SVB Worth the Money?

This cue is made using high-quality materials such as Carbon Fiber filaments, Boar Hide Leather tips, stainless steel rings and collars, a Pro Taper, a polycarbonate ferrule, and an Irish Linen Wrap. In our opinion, it is one of the best cues we have used and has been carefully designed for both beginners and professional players.

If you are someone who doesn’t compromise on quality then you will love the Cuetec Cynergy SVB Generation One cue.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Cuetec Cynergy SVB review. Have a great game!

Cuetec SVB Gen One Review FAQ

Is Cuetec a good cue?

The short answer is yes. Cuetec has been making high quality pool cues for over two decades. They have hundreds of tournament wins and endorsements from top players like Shane Van Boening.

Who makes the best carbon fiber pool shaft?

We believe the Cuetec Cynergy SVB is an excellent option.

Here are some of the other best low deflection shafts of 2020:

  • Predator Revo
  • Predator 314-3, Vantage, Z Shaft (Z-3)
  • OB Pro+, OB-1/2+, OB XL+, OB-XL Classic+, OB-Classic+
  • Katana XS1/XS2
  • Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flexpoint /Slim
  • Cuetec Cynergy CT 15K Review

Are carbon fiber pool cues good?

There are several potential benefits to using a carbon fiber shaft for your pool cue. First, the carbon fiber shafts are typically very durable. This is ideal for a billiard cue, as your cue can take a lot of hits and knicks while you’re playing. Carbon fiber shafts are typically lower deflection as well.