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Are you searching for a cue made from high-quality material, is durable and also budget-friendly at the same time? Well, you are in the right place! This Voodoo Bloodsport review will help you in finalizing your decision for your pool cue purchase.

Voodoo Blood Review – How Does This Cue Stack Up?

Are you a person who invests time and energy when hunting for the ideal cue? Do you want your cue to be the one you always wanted? Well, you’re in luck. Voodoo Series 14 Bloodsport Pool Cue was launched in the market on September 19th, 2012. Manufactured by Voodoo a large Billiard distribution corporation that is operating for the past 25 years. Voodoo is well known for providing reliable and high-quality cues.

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Structural Composition

The Voodoo VOD14 Cue is a precisely manufactured stick to aid players in their game of pool, snooker or billiard. It consists of digital etching, a 13mm 10-layer boar skin tip, a ferrule with 1” Ivorene-3 fiber linen, a stainless-steel bumper logo, a joint, pin, and rings. The sleeve as well as the forearm of the stick is made from gray marked steady maple with skull etchings on it. Painted with gravestone paint along with drawings of skulls, skeletons, and spider webs the cue is designed this way to grab the attention of youngsters who love gothic.

Construction of the Tip

Voodoo Series 14 Pool cue tip is made up of ten carefully selected layers of boar hide. It goes through a process of lamination which helps tighten the layers. This keeps the tip consistent and firm throughout the sport.

Canadian Maple Shaft

Maple is a Canadian wood that is utilized in all shafts manufactured by Voodoo. It has no noticeable grain, is firm and, fully capable of aiming for full range shots. Being a dense wood it has a sound feel when hitting the pool ball. If you have a thing for your shafts to be plain then maple should be your ultimate choice. 

1” Ivorrence-3 Fiber Linen Ferrule 

A ferrule is the tiny white part that is underneath the tip at the topmost of your shaft. The role of a ferrule is to provide more control to your cue stick. If you ever damage your ferrule by mistake you might fail to have steadiness and command. The maple shaft consists of a 1” Ivorene-3 fiber linen ferrule. If you’re considering buying a ferrule that absorbs any jerks or sudden movements, then you should definitely opt for a fiber linen ferrule.  

Black Leather Wrap 

The covering of the stick has a finish of black leather which offers firm grip and consistency to the individual. It is a decent pick for participants who are new to the game and have an issue with aiming or prefer a cue that has an even grip. 

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Product Specifications – Voodoo Series 14 Review

The Voodoo Series 14 Grey Bloodsport Pool cue has the following specs: 

  • Measurements 33 x 3 x 2 inches
  • 1.2 pounds Shaft 29”
  • Hard rock maple with pro taper 
  • Joint Stainless Steel 5/16 x 18 pin
  • Length 58” 
  • Product Model digit VOD 14 18.0 
  • Cue type 2 piece 

The Pros and Cons – Voodoo Bloodsport Cue Review

Voodoo Cues are on sale for customers for the past 25 years. They are known to be built with the finest quality material and superior technique to meet the requirements of individuals. This will enable them to be prepared to compete at any level.

According to us, the Voodoo series cues are a good product to invest in. You should weigh out both the pros and the cons before deciding whether to buy the cue or not as your comfort matters above everything else.


  • Reasonable price and attractive – Voodoo cues are a reliable and affordable choice for anyone who’s at a beginner level at pool. It is made from hard rock maple wood that is really attractive, compared to the price range it falls in.
  • Firm grip – Having a black leather wrap, it offers an enhanced grip on the cue without additional pressure. This wrap prevents the stick from slipping unnecessarily.
  • Long-term durability – Voodoo cues have been available for consumers for a long time and are famous for their longevity. It is a stick with a solid built that is made of maple wood. If taken care of and used with caution it will last for many years.


  • Unique design – while this can also be a pro, many users may prefer a more traditional design.

Voodoo Bloodsport Review Conclusion – Is the Voodoo VOD14 Worth the Money?

The amazing features that come along with the Voodoo Series 14 cue can definitely not be ignored. Voodoo cues are famous among people for being pocket friendly. Their affordable price, striking features and firm grip makes them a must-have for every pool, snooker or billiard player. Individuals who have just come into the domain of pool can certainly afford the purchase too and experiment with their playing skills.

However, the important question still remains. Are you prepared to purchase a cue that has skulls and skeleton engravings on it? Do you want to own something different? Something which appears to be aesthetic and cool! If yes, then this cue is for you. You should consider investing in the VOODOO Series 14 Bloodsport Pool Cue and experience the magic of the stick yourself with its solid built and a black leather wrap that offers a firm grip.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this Voodoo Bloodsport review. Have a great game!