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This Voodoo Coffin Cue Case review will give you enough information to help you make the correct decision when purchasing a case for your pool cue. Because of affordable price and good quality, Voodoo pool cues are popular among pool lovers. Now, it is up to us to find out whether the Voodoo pool cue case is worth buying or not.

Voodoo Coffin Cue Case Review – Will This Case Hold Up?

Are you looking for a pool cue case that protects your cue from all types of damage? Or are you fond of having a collection of cues enclosed in their cases in your snooker room display? If you answer yes to both of these questions, or even one of them is yes, then you are reading the right review. The Voodoo Coffin Pool Cue Case is an item that is unique in many ways.

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Voodoo Pool Case Review 2021

The Voodoo Coffin Pool Cue Case is available in one color which is Black along with 2 portions inside the box. With a well-designed inner area, the case can hold 2 items inside – the butt and the shaft.


The exterior of the coffin pool cue case is made from solid robust plastic along with the voodoo logo printed vertically in large silver font on top. The logo in silver looks very aesthetic and goes well with the black color of the case.

Inner Lining

The inner lining of the pool cue case has been delicately covered with deep purple velvet. The color combination of black and purple appears to look good. The velvet inside the case helps prevent any scratches on the pool stick and also gives the product a luxury look. When the cue stick is stored within the box it will stay safe and remain in perfect shape for years to come.


There are also pockets available inside the box so that additional accessories can be placed inside without facing any hassle. You can keep chalks that are used on the tip of the cue or spare tips inside, in case the current one gets damaged or is lost.

Coffin Cue Case Handle

The handle which is used to carry the cue is made of stainless steel. Attached to the side of the case this makes handling the case convenient and easier. At times many cue cases do not have strong handles resulting in difficulty when handling the item.

Inner Length

The inner length of the box is enough to carry the pool cues inside with ease. This will help prevent any breakage to the cues due to lack of space.

Product Specifications – Voodoo Series 14 Review

The Voodoo Coffin Pool Cue Case is available in the market according to the following measurements and specs: 

  • Product Measurements 20 x 4 x 4 inches; 2.1 Pounds 
  • Product Model number VODCOF 
  • First released 12th May 2013

The Pros and Cons – Voodoo Coffin Case Review

Now coming to one of the most important parts of the review. We will be weighing the pros against the cons and then will eventually conclude if this item is suitable for you according to your needs or not.

It is important that you reach upon an evaluation yourself about your preferences at the time of selecting a case for your pool cue. Read on to find more.


Style of the case: The design of this pool case is very different and unique. It has been designed to target a certain market. If you are a teenager who loves dark or gothic-inspired products with skulls, spider webs, or skeletons I would surely recommend this product to you. You can use this pool cue case to store one of your cues that has skull or skeletons engravings on it.

Metal Latches and Handle: The metal latches, which act like locks, present on the exterior of the coffin cue case ensure safety. They prevent the case from accidentally opening up and causing any damages to the cue stick. The metal handle which is also attached gives the owner the liberty of carrying the coffin cue case easily whenever they have to move from one place to another.

Inner velvet lining: The purple velvet lining inside the box ensures the safety of the cue stick. The soft material prevents the stick from getting any scratches on it when it is inside the closed box.


Limited space inside the case: When individuals are interested in pool, snooker, or billiard they usually own 3 or 4 cue sticks to try them and figure out which one suits them the best. In this case, buyers won’t be interested in investing in a cue case that has space to hold only one shaft. They would prefer opting for a cue case which should have the option of holding 2 pool sticks or more. Unfortunately, this case can only hold one cue stick at a time.

Voodoo Coffin Review Conclusion – Is This Case Worth the Money?

The amazing features of the Voodo Coffin Pool Cue Case are a good reason why any player should go for this wonderful case. It is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a special yet, unique box for their cue sticks. This coffin case is easy to carry, protects the accessories inside, and also provides metal latches on the outside for the protection of the cue stick. The Voodoo Coffin Pool Cue Case is the perfect choice for all individuals who want a fancy cue case for their collection and at the same time keep their cues safe from damage.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Voodoo Coffin Cue Case review! 

Voodoo Coffin Case Review FAQ

Is this case durable?

Yes! This is a very sturdy case for this price point. It also comes with a quality velvet lining. 

What are the dimensions?

20 x 4 x 4 inches and 2.1 pounds