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Hunting for the perfect cue can be a tiring task especially when you are a new player or you don’t have enough knowledge about what exactly to look for. This Voodoo VOD13 Cue Review will help you in figuring out whether the pool cue of your dreams exists or not. After reading all the information provided you won’t have any difficulty in making your decision.

Voodoo VOD13 Cue Review – Is This a Good Pool Cue?

Being a famous name in the world of sports, Voodoo has a huge variety of products you can choose from. Voodoo cues are famous amongst players for being in the correct price range, easily available in the market and suitable for all type of players whether they play pool, snooker or billiard.

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Composition of the cue

The Voodoo Series 13 Grey Cemetery Pool Cue has been made from Canadian hard rock maple wood. Inspired by the New Orleans imagery this cue is etched with different designs such as skulls, skeletons, spider webs and cobwebs. With a 13mm tip, joint and pins made of stainless steel, and the cue wrapped in leather this pool stick is a delightful choice for individuals who are searching for the perfect cue. 

Maple wood stick 

The cue stick is made from the famous hard and robust maple wood. Cues that are made of maple wood have no grains in them. They are also strong and durable. Maple shafts are a good choice for players who like to aim for long-range unwavering shots. 

Construction of the tip 

Despite being so small, the tip of the cue plays a very important role. It is the only part of the cue which makes contact with the ball so it should be in the proper place. The tip of this cue has been made with ten different layers of boar hide all combined and laminated together to secure all of the layers in one place. This lamination process keeps the tip strong and firm. 

Leather wrap

A cue stick that is wrapped in leather shows that the product is of very good quality. Wrapped in black leather, Voodoo Series 13 Grey Cemetery Pool Cue confirms the safety of the cue from any defects or scratches. The wrap ensures that the product will provide a firm grasp so that the participants of the game can focus more on aiming rather than worrying about holding the cue stick properly. 

Fiber linen ferrule 

The ferrule on a cue stick acts as a shock absorber. This way it prevents the cue stick from splitting into pieces as it acts as a defensive shield between the tip and the pool stick. It provides the player additional control over the cue. Fiber linen ferrules are beneficial as they absorb the vibration, therefore, keeping the cue stick steady. 

Product Specifications – Voodoo Series 13 Pool Cue Review

The Voodoo Series 13 Grey Cemetery Pool cue has the following specs and details:

  • The cue stick dimensions include 20 x 4 x 4 inches; 1.2 Pounds
  • Cue stick model VOD13
  • Has a tip with 13mm
  • Black rubber bumper
  • Stainless steel joint and collar

The Pros and Cons – Voodoo VOD16 Review

Voodoo cues have been available for everyone to buy for many years. This is the reason why many people vouch for their amazing quality. It is an extremely reputable brand that has been providing pool, snooker and billiard players with various cue options to choose from.

When deciding to purchase an item or not you should always skim through the pros and cons of the product. This will help you find out the facts about the product that you might have missed out on.

In our opinion, the pros of this cue stick outweigh the cons. However, we have also mentioned them below for you so that it is easy to make up your mind about the purchase.


  • Attractive pricing: Price is one factor that determines the worth of the product for many customers. If the prices are a bit high people immediately get reluctant about the purchase. However, that is not the case when it comes to Voodoo cues. Their cues are easily affordable for everyone.
  • Reliable wrap: Wrapped in black leather the cue ensures an accurate well-aimed shot. It plays the role of maintaining a firm and solid grasp so that the player can focus on aiming at their target easily and not be distracted by other issues. It stops the cue from slipping from the hands all the time.
  • Durable: Made from Canadian Maple hard rockwood this cue stick will last for a long time. It is durable enough and does not break easily. The players need to ensure that they use it with care and keep it clean daily which will prevent any damages.


  • Designing and Engravings: The unique design of any cue stick can be a problem for some people. Older people usually prefer plain cue sticks. While, the Voodoo cue sticks have gothic engravings such as skulls, skeletons, spider webs and cobwebs on them. That means they might not appear appealing to everyone. This limits their market to mostly younger people who take a liking to dark and creepy things.
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Voodoo Series 13 Review Conclusion

The Voodoo Series 13 Cemetery Pool Cue has a lot of benefits to offer. It possesses all the good qualities a player looks for in his cue. Being budget-friendly people are inclined towards purchasing it so that they can excel at their game. It also comes with removable weight bolts and has a black leather wrap which maintains a firm grip on the cue. Overall, it is a good cue with all basic elements in it, and a suitable as well as a fashionable stick for the younger generation of today.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Voodoo VOD13 Cue review review. Have a great game!

Voodoo Cemetary Cue Review 2021 FAQ

Is Voodoo a good cue brand?

Yes! Voodoo pool cues are a great value for the price. They’re reasonably priced and are an excellent option for beginner and intermediate players. 

Are carbon fiber pool cues good?

There are several potential benefits to using a carbon fiber shaft for your pool cue. First, the carbon fiber shafts are typically very durable. This is ideal for a billiard cue, as your cue can take a lot of hits and knicks while you’re playing. Carbon fiber shafts are typically lower deflection as well.