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This Voodoo VOD16 Cue review will lay out enough details for you to figure out whether the cue you are planning to buy is suitable for you or not. Voodoo has an amazing range of products which includes various pool cues and as well as pool cue cases in different shapes and sizes to go along with the cues. By having a variety of products, Voodoo can cater to all kinds of players easily.

Voodoo VOD16 Cue Review – Is This the Right Cue for  You?

Are you looking for a cue that feels smooth and solid in your hand? Do you want a cue that is distinctive and unique? Then this Voodoo cue is for you. The Voodoo Series 16 Pool Cue is one of the best sticks available in the market today that is made from high-quality material.

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Structural Composition

The Voodoo Series 16 Grey Skully Diamonds Pool Cue has been made for players who want to be the best and excel in their game. This cue can be used in all games whether snooker, billiard or pool. With grey and black etched onto the surface of the cue, it surely gives off a rather fancy look. Being wrapped up in leather it also provides firm grip and accuracy of the shot as it does not slip easily. Another plus point is that it is also adjustable according to the requirements of the player.

Construction of the tip

Voodoo Grey Skully Diamonds Cue has been crafted with a unique manufacturing process. With 10 layers of boar hide combined this makes the tip very smooth and solid. The shaft with a 13mm tip will help you stay at the top of your game.

Hard Rock Maple

All Voodoo pool sticks are manufactured with great care by a company which is reputable for making cues for many years. Voodoo cues are made of Canadian Maple wood which is very strong, is firm, and lets the player aim for the perfect shot easily.

Fiber Linen Ferrule

The ferrule might be a tiny part of the cue stick but it surely plays an important role for a player during the game. If a ferrule ever gets chipped off, the individual might lose control of the cue. The ferrule provides more command and action while playing. It keeps the shaft steady so that a solid grip can be maintained.


The reason why these cues are so popular amongst teenagers today is their unique design. The forearm of the cue has been etched with the “Legion of Skulls”. This makes the stick standout when compared to other plain ones in the market.

Leather Wrap

Having a suitable wrapping for the cue is necessary. If the wrap is leather it will ensure that the cue remains slip-free and in control. The wrap also ensures that the stick is not exposed directly and stays away from any damages.

Model Variations – Voodoo Grey Skully Diamonds Review

  • The shaft dimensions include 30 x 1.4 x 1 inch; 1.15 Pounds
  • Product model VOD16 18.0
  • First released in the market on 19th September 2012
  • Piloted Joint
  • The pin is made from Stainless Steel 5/16×18
  • Includes engravings of skulls on the forearm and the sleeve

The Pros and Cons – Voodoo VOD16 Review

A comparison of the pros and cons of the product is necessary to evaluate the worth of the cue stick. This comparison will help you decide if you are still confused about purchasing the product.

We believe that the pros of the Voodoo Series 16 outweigh the cons. However, you can also have a look to ensure if this cue is for you or not.


  • Solid Grip: The black leather wrap on top of the cue stick ensures complete and solid control. The stick has been wrapped on with leather so that individuals having issues can grasp it easily without the cue slipping out of their control.
  • Aesthetic engravings: In today’s world, the aesthetics of any product plays an important role in its purchase. The voodoo cue with skull etchings on the forearm and the sleeve is a sight no one should miss. We loved this cue because it looked great, much better than other cues in the market.
  • Reasonable pricing: The price of the VOODOO Series 16 cue is affordable enough for the masses. Players at any level of pool, snooker or billiard can easily invest in the product. As price is an important factor that should be considered when making a purchase the pricing of Voodoo Series 16 is not a big issue as it is very reasonably priced.
  • Canadian Maple wood: Hard rock maple wood is used in all Voodoo cues by the manufacturer. The wood is long-lasting and has no noticeable grains. If used with care and protection the cue will have a long life.


Caters to a limited market: When it comes to pool players most of them prefer their cues to be plain. And well, the Voodoo cues are just the opposite of plain. Engraved with skulls and skeletons very few people prefer to buy it. Most people who are interested in gothic culture prefer purchasing such cues making the Voodoo target market very limited.

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Voodoo Series 16 Review Conclusion

The reason Voodoo Series 16 Grey Skully Diamonds Pool Cue is still in the market today even after 8 years is because of its good quality, affordable price and trustworthy reputation. The shaft has many good qualities which makes the purchase worth the price. It is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a cue to improve and learn their game. It is a cue that is easy to handle, slip-free and helps the player strike the perfect shot. Overall, it is a cue that is an all in one. Anyone who decides to purchase it will love the product.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Voodoo VOD16 review review. Have a great game!

Voodoo Skully Diamonds Review FAQ

Is Voodoo a good cue brand?

Yes! Voodoo pool cues are a great value for the price. They’re reasonably priced and are an excellent option for beginner and intermediate players. 

Are carbon fiber pool cues good?

There are several potential benefits to using a carbon fiber shaft for your pool cue. First, the carbon fiber shafts are typically very durable. This is ideal for a billiard cue, as your cue can take a lot of hits and knicks while you’re playing. Carbon fiber shafts are typically lower deflection as well.